The Festival dei Due Mondi offers a wide range of fringe initiatives to create an ever-stronger relationship between the spectator, event and territory, offering new possibilities for dialogue and encounter.

We are the Festival

The Festival Dei Due Mondi and Schools


Now in its twelfth edition, this is a project aimed at young people from primary and secondary schools in the area. Its aim is to improve awareness of the Festival’s history, the locations in which it takes place and the shows that take place onstage. The project involves young and very young people, reflecting the inseparable link between the Festival and Spoleto, between the territory and its community.

For the Festival’s 65ᵃ edition, there will be guided tours to the Teatro Nuovo Gian Carlo Menotti. Additionally, students from secondary schools in Spoleto will guide young people from primary and secondary schools around the Frammenti di un percorso teatrale exhibition (Fragments of a theatrical journey) exhibition. Subsequently, their experiences will be recounted in an essay to be presented at Spoleto65 together with a second essay on the theme of gender equality.

This initiative has been a great success in recent years and presents young people with an opportunity to rediscover the city through stories, memories, documents and archival material. It also provides them with an opportunity to experience the Festival first-hand and contribute to its realisation.




Festival School Bus

The Festival takes you to the Theatre


Promoting sustainability across the territory, the Festival School Bus welcomes the public and raises awareness about alternative mobility routes around the city during the event. The project also aims to train young representatives capable of recounting the story of the Festival and the city.

The Festival’s audiences will be accompanied by its young ambassadors to the various performance venues around Spoleto through a physical and narrative journey.

Calendar of itineraries and meeting points yet to be defined.


Free service with reservation

+39 0743 776444


Behind The Scenes of the Festival

Backstage Tours


An invitation to discover Spoleto’s backstage secrets through guided tours, this year conducted in several languages (Italian, English, French and German) by secondary school students in the theatres and in the places where the shows are prepared.

For technical reasons, the tour route, which is currently being defined, may be altered even shortly before the event.


Free service by appointment

+39 0743 776444


Spoleto’s Subterranean Secrets

An exploration of city’s hidden corners, curiosities, beauty and unrecounted stories, allowing participants to discover extraordinary works of art. Organised by the Associazione Amici di Spoleto Onlus, the tours are accompanied by tastings of Trebbiano Spoletino wines and other local products.


Saturday 25 June | The Crypt of the Patron and Monumental Cemetery of Spoleto – meeting at 10.00 at Piazzale San Ponziano, via S. Salvatore Basilica, 2 | Spoleto


The Ciciano Hill has long been sacred ground, evidenced by the presence of a burial site since pre-Roman times. You can visit the ancient crypt of San Ponziano on its slopes, the remains of a Lombard sanctuary and the 18th-century Monumental Cemetery, noted for the nobles buried there and the sacred silence of its cypresses.


Wednesday 29 June | Villa Redenta and its Mysterious Park – meeting at 10.00 am at Villa Redenta, via di Villa Redenta, 1 | Spoleto


Just outside the fourteenth-century city walls stands the aristocratic neoclassical Villa Redenta. Erected on the remains of a Roman settlement and inhabited by important noble families over the centuries, the villa is best known today for its lush, mysterious park containing obelisks, mithraea, caves and sundials, surrounded and protected by a rich heritage of centuries-old trees.


Saturday 09 July | The Secret Spoleto of the Waters, including sulphurous wells, fountains and nymphaea – meeting at 10.00 at the Casina dell’Ippocastano, via Giacomo Matteotti, 6 | Spoleto


Water is the secret source of Spoleto’s eternal vitality. An itinerary to discover a city which, since the 14th century, has kept over 50 public fountains and springs hidden from view behind walls. Passing through the ancient mediaeval quarters, you will discover an ancient vein of sulphurous water, courtyards and fountains of the city’s noble palaces, nymphaeums and the still active spring on Colle Sant’Elia.


Sunday 10 July | Sorgente del Clitunno and its Temple – meet at 10.00 at the Fonti del Clitunno Park, via Flaminia, 7 | Campello sul Clitunno


The source of the river Clitunno, which follows the traces of the ancient lake Clitorio, offers a fascinating journey of discovery through clear waters and lush vegetation that has inspired poets and travellers of all ages. You will discover the lake’s consecration by Roman god Jupiter Clitunno and a paleochristian temple – the Church of San Salvatore (or Tempietto sul Clitunno) – which is a World Heritage Site.


Cost of participation: €15 for the tour in Spoleto and €20 for the tour in Campello sul Clitunno. At the end of each tour there will be an aperitif with local products. The duration of each tour is about 3 hours. Book while places are available.


Festival Box Office

Via Saffi, 12| Spoleto

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Green Corner

For A Sustainable Festival


For A Sustainable Festival


As a champion of the culture of local development, the Festival dei Due Mondi thinks a lot about economic, environmental and social sustainability.

For information on initiatives, meetings and projects:


Green Corner c/o Festival Box Office

Via Saffi, 12| Spoleto

Open every day from Monday to Sunday, 10.00-13.00 and 15.00-18.00



Paths Of Theatrical Mediation


curated by

Lorella Natalizi and Mauro Pietrini

Conceived for students and adults, the theatrical mediation project includes a series of appointments aimed at preparing spectators for shows, helping viewers engage with the content and stimulating critical responses.


Senior CondiVisioni

Attending the festival for the first time or simply visiting the city during the festival are the best ways to experience the beauty and stratified history of a city, starting from its walls, streets, buildings and continuing to its theatres. Condivisioni Senior is the weekend event for passionate and/or curious tourists. The meetings will take place in the gardens or in picturesque and unique locations in the territory. They will provide the opportunity both to prepare for seeing the shows and help viewers engage with the content and stimulate their critical responses. The initiative will allow the audience to feel part of the experience, not only through the material and activities provided during the sessions, but also through attendees’ own awareness of being active participants in the theatrical experience.


Participation in the project costs €160. Participants will have access to sessions lasting 1 hour each and the best seats for all the shows included in each weekend’s programme.


Meetings and performances of the first weekend


Friday 24th June

Mediation meeting 17.30

The Passion of Ramakrishna

Inaugural concert

19.30 | MUSIC

Cathedral Square


Saturday 25 June

Mediation meeting 12.00

Le Crocodile trompeur / Didon et Enée


San Simone


Saturday 25 June

Mediation meeting 15.00.

Le Sacre du printemps / common ground[s]

21.30 | DANCE

Roman Theatre


Sunday 26 June

Mediation meeting 12.00

Through the Grapevine

15.00 | DANCE

Teatro Nuovo Gian Carlo Menotti


Meetings and performances of the II week end


Friday 1 July

Mediation meeting 18.45

Astral Converted / Working title

21.30 | DANCE

Roman Theatre


Saturday 2 July

Mediation meeting 11.30

Italy Brazil 3 to 2 – The return

17.00 | THEATRE

Caio Melisso Theatre Spazio Carla Fendi


Saturday 2 july

Mediation meeting 19.00

La Voix Humaine

21.30 | MUSIC

Piazza Duomo


Sunday 3 July

Mediation meeting 15.00


16.30 | DANCE

Teatro Nuovo Gian Carlo Menotti


Meetings and performances of the III week end


Friday 8 July

Mediation meeting 16.30


20.00 | DANCE

Star Auditorium


Saturday 9 July

Mediation meeting 9.30

Il gabbiano

16.00 | THEATRE

Caio Melisso Theatre Spazio Carla Fendi


Saturday 9 July

Mediation meeting 15.00

History of Violence

19.00 | THEATRE

New Gian Carlo Menotti Theatre


Sunday 10 July

Mediation meeting 15.00


17.00 | THEATRE

San Simone


CondiVisioni Junior is a workshop promoting pedagogical, practical and theoretical initiatives, managed by theatre staff and arts professionals. The project stimulates responsibility, collectivity and responsibility among young audiences through discussions and cultural and creative reflections linked with the content of the shows. This is achieved through playful and educational activities, before, during and after the performance.

For the 65th edition of the Festival, the cultural mediation project takes place in the classrooms of the Liceo “Sansi Leonardi Volta” in Spoleto, and is reserved for students from the city’s secondary schools.

Participation in the preparation sessions and performances is free of charge, subject to availability of places.

For information:


Festival in the Woods

Promoted by the Umbria Region and hosted in the Spoleto65 calendar, Festival in the Woods is a day dedicated entirely to trees, with open-air workshops, activities for families and reading that will deepen knowledge of the Sacred Wood of Monteluco, a place rich in biodiversity, culture and local traditions.

The meeting is organised by the Museo delle Scienze e del Territorio – MuST in collaboration with the Municipality of Spoleto and the Fondazione Festival dei Due Mondi di Spoleto.


Sunday 10 and 17 July, 10.00-22.00


Meeting at 10.00


10.30 Track Hunters. Walking through the La Vallotta Visitors’ Centre, the public will be “guided” on an entertaining treasure hunt in which they will learn about the characteristics and curiosities of the fauna living in the Monteluco wood.


12.30 Lunch at a special price in collaboration with local restaurateurs.


15.30 – 1, 2, 3… forest! Games, workshops, activities in nature, reading and many other activities to get to know the forest and its many facets. Trees, animals and the fantastic creatures that populate it will accompany the group in an afternoon dedicated to discovering this magical place. Activities in collaboration with local associations.


7.00 p.m. Dinner at a special price in collaboration with local restaurateurs.


20.30 – 22.00. Bat night: how well do you know bats? An entire evening dedicated to these fascinating creatures, walking through the Sacred Wood and listening to their ultrasound with the help of equipment used by researchers. We will dispel a number of myths and misconceptions about these feared, mysterious animals.


For information and reservations:

+39 349 2254072


Europa InCanto

The Festival dei Due Mondi, a meeting place for different cultures, has embarked on a shared path with the schools of the territory. A number of Ukrainian children have already enrolled at local schools and others will do so in the coming days. The project, launched together with the Associazione Musicale Europa InCanto, uses music as a tool for scholastic and social inclusion: from now until the start of the festival’s programme, the student will attend lessons and workshops, learning how to listen to music and even preparing for their own performance during the Festival.

For information: