Il mecenatismo è un valore da trasmettere ai giovani affinché si sentano legati alla cultura del Paese in cui hanno avuto la fortuna di vivere.
Maria Teresa Venturini Fendi

Support the Festival dei Due Mondi

Together we create space for the future
For more than sixty years, Spoleto Festival dei Due Mondi has turned the spotlights on the extraordinary cultural heritage of Spoleto through the performing arts, in an exciting dialogue between the great tradition and the most innovative experiences of contemporary creation. Spoleto Festival dei Due Mondi owes its creation to the mobilization of its Donors. Thanks to their philanthropic spirit, our Donors are at the heart of our commitment and participate directly in the realization of our ambitions. Each season, the support of the donors is essential for enabling the Spoleto Festival dei Due Mondi to fulfill its fundamental mission: to stage an exceptional repertoire and to develop the most innovative production by bringing the greatest artists and young talents together on stage, while making its shows
accessible to increasingly larger audiences. Join us: Your support is vital! Thanks to Art Bonus you can recover 65% of your donation in three years as a tax credit, benefiting from an incentive that MiC has reserved uniquely for the support of culture. For example, by donating € 1.000, the actual cost of the donation after three years will be of € 350. The incentive is available only for Italian taxpayers.

Becoming a Patron.
Live the Festival at its center

If you are passionate about the Festival and wish to help promote it in Italy and abroad, join the Club of Patrons. Over the past decade, the Patrons have brought together more than 150 philanthropists.
Depending on the level of your contribution — from € 350 to €5.000, i.e., between €122,50 and €1.750 thanks to Art Bonus incentive — an annual membership to Patrons will give you access to many advantages:
✧ Annual meeting with the artistic director and dedicated presentation of the program
✧ Invitation to the national press conference
✧ Personalized priority booking, on availability
✧ Participation in the artistic life of the Festival all year round
✧ A bespoke welcome during the Festival, with events and in-person discussions
✧ Free tickets and reductions
✧ Access to the donor network
✧ Visibility in our communication materials, etc
✧ Availability of the festival spaces for private use

A new category dedicated to young donors
New to the 2021 edition is the category Friends Under 35. Donors under the age of 35 can build a unique relationship with the Spoleto Festival through exclusive benefits and an annual Membership:
✧ € 350 or € 122,50 with Art Bonus. Monthly payments or payment in three instalments are possible.

Join one of the categories and find out your exclusive benefits
Membership fees are annual and are to be paid within the month of May
* Your presence must be confirmed no later than one week before the show to the booking service dedicated to the Festival Patrons.
** Your presence must be confirmed within two days from the date of the dress rehearsal.

Recover 65% of your donation over three years with Art Bonus.

Art Bonus is a tax credit allowing you to claim back 65% of donations made to culture and performing arts organizations. The decree 83/2014 established the scheme for donations, and in 2015 Art Bonus was extended to financial contributions made to organizations including festivals.

For more information about how to apply for Art Bonus and how the scheme works, contact the dedicated line for the Patrons of the Festival.
The tax credit of 65% is subdivided into annual payments and is used as compensation in the standard way. The first portion is used in the tax return of the year after the donation is made. Up to 15% of taxable income for individuals can be recovered. Art Bonus is the only tax credit in Italy which exclusively supports culture and the performing arts. Art Bonus is available only for Italian taxpayers.

Become a Patron

Choose the method of payment:

Money transfer payable to:
Intesa San Paolo S.p.A.
Filiale Terzo Settore Umbria
Via XX Settembre 70 – A, 06121 Perugia

Money transfer payable to:
Banco di Desio e della Brianza S.p.A.
Piazza Pianciani 1, 06049 Spoleto (PG)

Non-negotiable cheque payable to:

For more information please contact the dedicated line for the Patrons of the Festival:
tel +39 347 2794472
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