Ayelen Parolin / RUDA


Teatro Nuovo Gian Carlo Menotti

Friday 01 July H 19:00

Saturday 02 July H 20:00

Sunday 03 July H 16:30

Stalls €35,00
Stalls and first tier central boxes €30,00
Stalls and first tier side boxes €25,00
Central second and third tier boxes €25,00
Second and third tier side boxes €20,00
Gallery €10,00



Ayelen Parolin

musical creation and piano

Lea Petra


Baptiste Cazaux, Jeanne Colin, Piet Defrancq, Naomi Gibson, Daan Jaartsveld, Kinga Jaczewska, Dan Mussett, Bianca Zueneli (on tour) e Daniel Barkan, Marc Iglésias

assistant choreographer

Julie Bougard


Olivier Hespel

light design

Laurence Halloy

stage management

Gaspar Schelck


Wim Muyllaert

production & administration

Claire Geyer

international distribution

Key Performance

thanks to

Pierre C. Dauby

Choreographer and dancer Ayelen Parolin approaches multiple universes and aesthetics, aiming to shed light on the complexity of the self and to probe what binds us to others. Born in Buenos Aires, where she studied, she lives and works in Brussels. In recent years she has dedicated herself to methodically investigate human nature with a rigorously precise, calculated and obstinate writing of movement, to speak of the social and the ritual in an abstraction taken to the limits of the body.


WEG is a transformative experience for eight dancers and a pianist, a deliberately plural, extravagant, prolific and tumultuous choreographic experiment to reveal the cracks, but also the resources, of human beings.


The movements of this “sweet choreographic trance” transport the audience into an apparent chaos, in a process of self-organisation inspired by Pierre C. Dauby’s latest research on dynamic systems.


Defined by Le Soir as a “formidable visual firework in which humour and elegance are wonderfully combined”, the show unfolds before the eyes of the spectator as a kind of daydream, a kaleidoscopic polyphony that explores the notion of pleasure, of an interior melody that leads to movement.


“When I read Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari, I began to fantasise about creating a work nourished by intimate universes, about the discovery of the self. With WEG I wanted to work on the exuberant fantasies that inhabit this paradoxical, incoherent, unstable and fragile sapiens“, says Ayelen Parolin.


A rhythmic sound as if it were a heartbeat and the notes of Lea Petra’s piano make up the soundtrack of this performance that represents an evolving eco-system, a dancing humanity and all its nuances.

production RUDA Asbl, Dc&J Création
coproducers Charleroi Danse, Théâtre De Liège, Tanz Im August / Hau Hebbel Am Ufer, Atelier De Paris / Cdcn, Theater Freiburg (D) Studios provided by Charleroi danse / La Raffinerie & Les Écuries, Studio Thor, Pianofabriek
with the support of Wallonia-Brussels Federation, Wallonie-Bruxelles International, Wallonie-Bruxelles Théâtre/Danse, the Tax Shelter of the Federal Government of Belgium, Inver Tax Shelter and the National Lottery
Ayelen Parolin is associate artist at the Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles (Belgium) from 2022

duration 60 minutes