Je est un autre

7th National Day of the World That Doesn't exist

    From Friday 01 July

    To Sunday 10 July

Forty years after the staging of Haute surveillance by Jean Genet, performed in 1982 on the occasion of the 25th edition of the Festival dei Due Mondi by six inmates from the Rebibbia prison in Rome, under the guidance of director Marco Gagliardo, the #SIneNOmine company, which is ten years old this year, stages Tempo libero (Free Time) at Spoleto’s Maiano prison.


Inspired by Italo Calvino’s Il castello dei destini incrociati (The Castle of Crossed Fates) and La taverna dei destini incrociati (The Tavern of Crossed Fates), the show, directed by Giorgio Flamini and performed by inmates, focuses on the passage of time through a series of tableaux vivants, including stories from the past, prophecies, songs, music and dance.


Tempo libero  is one of the initiatives organised on the occasion of the VII Giornata Nazionale del Mondo che non c’è by CESP, a network of schools, with the title “IO è un altro” (I am another), based on Arthur Rimbaud’s famous statement “Je est un autre”.


With “I am another” Rimbaud explores the disorientation of man who has lost his own identity and is “acted upon” by an “other” who upsets him. This disorientation can be likened to the existence of those who, deprived of their personal freedom, find themselves confined in institutions, in contexts in which disorientation is a part of everyday life.


In addition to the show, the programme of the VII Giornata nazionale del Mondo che non c’è also includes two seminars scheduled for 8 and 9 July in two places that represent, in a certain sense, the “inside” and the “outside”: the prison, the place where the journey of the “inmates” begins, and the library (Palazzo Mauri), a transformative place representing the outside world to which to inmates return.


Among the initiatives promoted is the photographic exhibition Je est un autre, scheduled up from 1 July to 30 September around Spoleto. It celebrates 10 years of the #SIneNOmine Company.


The initiative is sponsored by the Garante Nazionale delle persone privati della libertà personale (National Guarantor for the Rights of Persons Detained or Deprived of Liberty), with a contribution from Rai per il Sociale.