Luz Arcas / La Phármaco


Auditorium della Stella

Friday 08 July H 20:00

Saturday 09 July H 17:00

Sunday 10 July H 16:00

Single sector numbered seat €35.00


director, dramaturgy, performer, & choreography

Luz Arcas

scenic and choreography assistant

Abraham Gragera

dramaturgical assistant

Rafael SM Paniagua

musical direction & composition

Luz Prado

artistic assistant

Nino Laisné


Luz Arcas

violin and electronic

Luz Prado

voice, palmas & percussion

Lola Dolores

costume design

Carmen 17

flag design

Isa Soto

scenography assistant

Jose Manuel Chávez

lighting design

Jorge Colomer

sound space

Pablo Contreras

photography & video

Virginia Rota, Jorge Colomer, Tristán Pérez Martín

executive production

Gabriel Blanco, Marta López (Spectare)

executive production assistance

Fernando Valero (Rial & Eshelman)

tour manager

Andrea Méndez Criado (Spectare)

graphic design

María Peinado

community manager

Carlos González


Elvira Giménez and Ángela de la Torre (Cultproject)

international distribution

Austial Rial Eshelman (Rial&Eshelman)

Toná is the new show of the contemporary dance company La Phármaco founded in 2009 by the Spanish choreographer and dancer Luz Arcas. La Phármaco’s dance is a state that belongs to the body, that gives it back to the community – like symbols or memory – and a place to which one aspires and which is reached after a rigorous and refined project of domestication.


“I give my life, my time, my ambitions to dance” – comments the choreographer from Malaga – “I dance to belong to something that overcomes me, in time and space, that is bigger than me, that welcomes me and saves me from wild individualism, from indifferent tribalism”.


Toná is a multidisciplinary scenic proposal that moves away from conventional narratives and introduces the spectator to a poetic experience that explores transience, death and memory. In this work, the objects and stage supports (the violin played live, the video, the body) are crossed by the invisible (music, image, movement) and shaken to the point of exhaustion: an excess of life that ends up exhausting them and returning them to the inert.


With Toná, Luz Arcas tackles one of the most introspective works of her career, the result of a creative process that she herself defines as a “liberation”.


Toná was born during trips to Malaga to visit my father, who was very ill. In his house, where I grew up, I rediscovered references, icons, symbols that I had almost forgotten. I recalled anecdotes and fears, reconnecting with the folklore of my childhood. I wanted to dance a feeling that is typical of that folklore: death as a celebration of life and individual and collective catharsis”.


The performance stems from the need to embody an identity that does not claim to define itself, organically linked to collective memory and popular imagination, with all its conflicts. A poem that transmits the flesh, the vital pulse, full of anger and joy, but also of prejudices and superstitions. An ancient and fertile pain that forms us slowly, right from childhood.


A body reconciled with its vital forces, intertwined with illness, old age, death, and that brazenly relates to symbols, to dirty them, trample them, rename them, while shouting: they are ours, they belong to us.

a performance by Luz Arcas, La Phármaco
coproduced by Festival de Otoño, Madrid

duration 50 minutes

Theater Programme