Tovel, Jacopo Mazzonelli

The Act of Touch

Teatrino delle 6 Luca Ronconi

Friday 08 July H 23:00

Saturday 09 July H 23:00

Single sector seat number € 15.00


based on



Jacopo Mazzonelli

music and live concept Tovel (aka Matteo Franceschini)

artworks and live concept Jacopo Mazzonelli

score published by Casa Ricordi

live electronics Tovel (aka Matteo Franceschini)

performers Jacopo Mazzonelli, Eleonora Wegher

light designer Mariano De Tassis

The piano is undoubtedly the instrument that most represents the flowering of Western musical culture from the late 18th century to the present day. In this sense, the musical performance The Act of Touch, based on the work ABCDEFG by the artist Jacopo Mazzonelli, allows a journey backwards, a sort of regression to the essential, a path of creative “purification” aimed at capturing the deepest image of what is being written: the material, the white keys, the seven notes, the alternation of the stave space.


Under the pseudonym Tovel, the composer Matteo Franceschini relaunches the figure of the author/performer with the aim of experimenting with a new sound “from within”; direct involvement as a performer and the inevitable work in close contact with the musicians is presented as a true creative act. Jacopo Mazzonelli creates sculptures, assemblages and installations that investigate the wide borderline area between visual arts and music. The investigation into the perception of rhythm and the passing of time is accompanied by that of the “musical gesture”, understood as that which underlies the performance and not the sound produced: working on the interpretation and visualisation of the sound dimension, the artist confronts himself with instruments that he deconstructs, transforms and recomposes.


The Act of Touch throws the spectator into an unexpected soundscape, where organised sound is revealed after a complex itinerary of exploration of the materials. Ordered on several visual and conceptual levels, the performance takes the form of a gradual and conscious discovery of identity – a path of knowledge and development that the use of the seven modified pianos/sculpture allows us to follow – where acoustic writing merges with electronic manipulation in real time. The new physiognomy of the pianos and the transformation of its materials are the starting point for a reflection on the very nature of the relationship between sound and matter.


The performance is a project by Tovel and Jacopo Mazzonelli, who together with the pianist Eleonora Wegher are also direct performers.

duration: 55 minutes

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