Tempo libero

VII Giornata nazionale del Mondo che non c’è

Casa di reclusione di Maiano

Free Admission

Performance only for an adult audience

Given the particular context, the necessary control operations, please make a timely request by communicating your personal data (date and place of birth), telephone number, no later than Monday 30 June at the email address ufficiostampafestival.cr.spoleto@giustizia.it

For info:
Casa di reclusione Maiano 10 Spoleto tel. 0743 263217 office hours

by the scheduled date make sure you have obtained authorisation to access the performance. If you belong to public bodies or institutions, associations operating in the school, university, social and prison sectors, it is advisable to specify this in your request.

directed by

Giorgio Flamini


assistant directors

Sara Ragni, Pina Segoni


choreography and choreographic movements

Laura Bassetta, Mariolina Maconio


Latin choreography

Lorena Salis


musical choices and choir director

Francesco Corrias

and the collaboration of

Lucia Napoli



AdCantus Vocal Ensemble


musical group of inmates from the Spoleto Prison





costumes from the Festival dei Due Mondi adapted by

Pina Segoni and Alessandra Carducci



Giorgio Flamini, Maria Paola Buono, Alessandra Carducci

with the inmates of the Liceo Artistico course
and the fundamental collaboration of school officials and the Mof of the Penitentiary Police


artists and teachers collaborating with

#SIneNOmine Anna Leonardi, Lorena Salis, Salvatore Taverna, Marco Rambaldi, Loredana Paggi, Loretta Bonamente



#SIneNOmine Vinnie Porfilio





Giovanni Barchi


texts adapted from The Castle of Crossed Destinies, Lettera U and other stories by Iginio Ugo Tarchetti, William Shakespeare, Karl Valentin, Achille Campanile and texts by inmates of the Casa di Reclusione of Spoleto

Inspired by Italo Calvino’s stories Il castello dei destini incrociati and La taverna dei destini incrociati, the show, directed by Giorgio Flamini and performed by inmates and others, focuses on the passage of time through a series of tableaux vivants, including tales from the past, prophecies, songs, music and dance.