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Spoleto USA: A Festival Discovers America / Philip Guston: A Life Lived

Artists on Camera

Cinema Sala Frau

Sunday 03 July H 11:00

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h. 11:00 AM


Spoleto USA: A Festival Discovers America


(58 min.)


When Gian Carlo Menotti created the Spoleto festival in 1958, he imagined it existing in two worlds, Europe and America. After years of debate as to where the beloved festival should take place in the United States, the city of Charleston was chosen. Charleston, much like Spoleto, is a place rooted in history. It was Charleston’s grand cultural allure – home to many churches, houses and theatres from the late 18th Century – that secured it as the rightful spot for Spoleto USA. Menotti thought of the festival as a celebration of music that would link the old world with the new. By opening the floor to both emerging talent and long-time masters, Menotti merges the past and future in cities that are doing very much the same.

h. 12:00 AM


Philip Guston: A Life Lived


(58 min.)


One of Michael Blackwood’s most candid artist portraits, Philip Guston: A Life Lived is set against the backdrop of a retrospective exhibition that would be one of his last before his death in 1980. We are also taken into Guston’s studio and watch him work on his canvases. The film captures the artist at his most introspective and reflective point in life. With succinct levity and charming wit, he relays his thoughts on a wide range of topics, from describing his inspirations and failures to dwelling on his experience with sickness and his fear of death. “Nothing is ever solved in painting,” said Guston in reference to the diversity within his work, “it’s a continuous chain that sometimes doesn’t go in one line, but goes in a serpentine line or in crooked paths, detours, which have to be investigated”.


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