Presentation of
Musica da Casa Menotti 2022

Casa Menotti

Saturday 02 July H 10:00

Musica da Casa Menotti



Musica da Casa Menotti (MdCM) presents chamber music concerts in what used to be Maestro Gian Carlo Menotti’s home in Spoleto, organized by Fondazione Monini and curated by Federico Mattia Papi.


At its ninth edition, MdCM has developed throughout the years as a network of internationally-renowned conservatories, hosting young musicians and encouraging cultural exchange among various music situations in the world. This year 23 young musicians from all over the world will reverberate through the walls of Casa Menotti in 12 concerts from July 2nd to 10th.


Intimacy is a key element of the concerts, which allows a privileged connection between the musicians and the audience and which intends to humanize the role of the musician.

The concerts at MdCM transcend established musical genres and promote pluridisciplinary artistic forms through the new generations of musicians.



Musica da Casa Menotti opens with a visit to the video installation on the second floor of Casa Menotti. The installation will be screened until July 10.

In collaboration with Mahler&LeWitt Studios