La MaMa Spoleto Open

Nas mãos / Tra le mani

Cantiere Oberdan

Friday 08 July H 21:30

Saturday 09 July H 18:30

Single seat 15,00 €


dance installation

ceramic exhibition

choreography and concept

Afshin Varjavandi

art work

Elena Raugia
INC | innprogress collective
ĖNDIADI ceramic design

There was a time when Earth was a lost paradise where beauty reigned in a condition of transcendence, balance and fluidity.
Today there is a memory of that reality, all the Art that is granted to us, that we have ‘in our hands’.
We can still touch it, breathe it. We can inhabit art, filling the minutes we spend with deep meaning. We can dance to feel alive. At a point where our hands, the body in movement, merge with the objects of everyday life.