Nicola Piovani

Music is Dangerous


Teatro Nuovo Gian Carlo Menotti

Thursday 23 December H 20:30

€ 30 Stalls and stalls box
€ 25 I circle box
€ 20 II and III circle box
€ 10 Gallery


sax, clarinet Marina Cesari

cello, guitar Pasquale Filastò

drums, percussion Ivan Gambini

double bass Marco Loddo

keyboards, accordion Sergio Colicchio


Nicola Piovani

Federico Fellini defined music as “dangerous”, as all beautiful things are. A thought entrusted to Nicola Piovani, who for years translated the fantasies of the filmmaker from Rimini onto the pentagram. Beauty, music and dream have inextricably connected Fellini and Piovani: a connection that finds expression in the show Music is dangerous.
Music is Dangerous – Concertato is a musical tale, narrated by the instruments acting on stage – piano, double bass, percussion, saxophone, clarinet, guitar, cello, accordion.
To mark the stations of this musical journey, Nicola Piovani tells the audience about his artistic career and his valued collaboration with the famous Italian singer and composer Fabrizio De André, with the director Federico Fellini, with Spanish, French, Dutch directors for cinema, theatre and television, as well as with many world renown singers and musicians.
During this journey, Piovani proposes the execution of unpublished pieces along with new versions of famous songs, rearranged for the occasion, sharing stories of his life through anecdotes, balancing memory and current reality, accompanied by an ensemble that retains distinct musical personalities warm in tone and expressive in delivery.
The concert will be accompanied by videos which will complete the story with images of films, concerts and, above all, images that authors such as Milo Manara (famous Italian comics writer and artist) have dedicated to Piovani’s musical work.