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Sunday 26 June Ore 21:30

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(58 min.)


Thelonious Monk is indisputably among the greatest jazz musicians of the 20th century. Monk is part one of a two-part portrait of the great pianist and composer, made by brothers and co-directors Michael and Christian Blackwood. The Blackwood’s austerely inconspicuous directing style captures an understated genius and a man of few words, whose seemingly intoxicated off-stage aire of distracted mumbling and childlike stumbling virtually melts away once he is planted behind the piano. Monk sits stone-faced on his throne, his legs askew and his feet alive with erratic scuffs and taps that thump the floor to the rhythm, while his heavy, ring laden fingers hammer the keys to make his Steinway sing with dissonance. In New York his quartet plays at the Village Vanguard and at recording sessions for Columbia Records; in Atlanta they appear at a Jazz Festival organized by George Wein. The members of the quartet were Charlie Rouse, Larry Gales, and Ben Riley.

h. 10:30 PM


Monk in Europe


(58 min.)


Monk in Europe is the second instalment, from Michael and Christian Blackwood, of their two-part portrait of Thelonious Monk. It follows the legendary jazz pianist and composer along with his quartet on their European tour, where they are joined by musicians Ray Copeland, Clark Terry, Phil Woods, Jimmy Cleveland and Johnny Griffin. They traveled as part of George Wein’s Newport Jazz Festival road company to London, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Berlin, Mainz, and Rotterdam.


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