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Making Dances: Seven Post Modern Choreographers

Artists on Camera

Palazzo Collicola

Friday 01 July Ore 22:30

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Making Dances: Seven Post Modern Choreographers


(89 min.)


Making Dances explores a flourishing contemporary dance scene through the work of seven New York-based choreographers – Douglas Dunn, Kenneth King, Trisha Brown, Lucinda Childs, David Gordon, Meredith Monk, and Sarah Rudner. They discuss the nature of contemporary dance and the evolution of their own work. Filmed at rehearsals, performances, and in conversation, the film is a unique primary source. The artistic roots of these seven artists can be found in Martha Graham’s interpretation of modern life as a subject for dance and in the work of Merce Cunningham. In the 1960s, the interaction of art forms generated choreographic innovations. Especially influential was John Cage, whose radical ideas served as a point of departure for much of the new choreography. Each of the choreographers in Making Dances draws inspiration from the Graham/Cunningham tradition, yet each makes a highly distinctive statement. Structure, movement in non-fictive time and space, and the nature of movement itself are recurring themes.


Subtitles in Italian

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