Davide Enia

Italia-Brasile 3 a 2.
Il ritorno

Teatro Caio Melisso Spazio Carla Fendi


FRIDAY 01 JULY 19:00


SUNDAY 03 JULY 16:00

Stalls and boxes of stalls €35.00
I and II order boxes €25,00

Open rehearsal single seat € 10


by and with

Davide Enia


Giulio Barocchieri, Fabio Finocchio

light designer

Paolo Casati


Paolo Cillerai

technical set-up coordination Marco Serafino Cecchi
set-up assistant Giulia Giardi
electrician Alberto Martino
production care Francesca Bettalli
company administrator Luigi Caramia
press office Cristina Roncucci
photographer Tony Gentile
video documentation Ivan D’Alì
graphic designer Sara Gaibotti
playbill Silvia Giambrone

2022 marks a double anniversary. It is the forty years since the legendary football match between Italy and Brazil at Barcelona’s Sarriá stadium during the 1982 football world cup. And it is twenty years since the debut of the show Italia – Brasile 3 a 2. Il Ritorno of the work’s subtitle therefore alludes to the work’s “second leg”. The spirit and the overall structure of the work has been maintained – it remains an epic and intimate evocation of what was not just a football match but a true celebration of identity and community – yet some key absences also stand out.


The Sarriá stadium in Barcelona no longer exists, razed to the ground and thus consigned to memory. And unlike when Italia – Brasile 3 a 2 debuted in 2002, Paolo Rossi, Our Holy Lord of Victories, is now dead. Enzo Bearzot, formerly manager of the Italy team, is dead. So are Socrates, “The Doctor”, who masterminded Brazil’s momentary equaliser, and Valdin Perez, the goalkeeper beaten three times by Rossi. Beppe, one of the protagonists in the strange assortment of personalities crowded in the living room of Enia’s house, is also dead. “Uncle Beppe” was always left on the sidelines because he never washed the clothes he wore for every Italy match. Those clothes brought good luck and Beppe’s sweat emanated an aura of sanctity. Superstition is the sovereign queen of the world when football matches of the utmost importance are played.


“And yet their eyes are the eyes of those who are no longer with us today,” says Davide Enia. “Their voices, their movements, their smiles continue to appear before me, word after word, beat after beat, goal after goal, keeping me company, opening a chink onto the inexpressible and allowing light to filter through, illuminating the truly infinite relationship between the living and the dead. The goalposts with the ball at the centre.”


Playwright, actor, director and novelist, Davide Enia won the 2019 Maschere del Teatro Award as Best Monologue Performer for L’Abisso, a play that has counted hundreds of performances. One of the greatest exponents of the new generation of the so-called narrative theatre, in Spoleto he celebrates twenty years of career with the monologue of his theatrical debut in 2002.

production Teatro Metastasio di Prato, Fondazione Sipario Toscana
production collaboration Armunia Foundation Castello Pasquini Castiglioncello-Festival Inequilibrio

duration: 90 minutes plus recovery

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