CESP-Rete delle scuole ristrette Seminar

IO è un altro

7th National Day of the World That Doesn't exist

Palazzo Mauri

Friday 08 July H 10:00

There will be two seminars, on 8 and 9 July, for the 7th National Day of the World That Doesn’t exist. They will be held in two places that represent the “inside” and the “outside”: the prison, where the journeys of the confined begin, and Palazzo Mauri, which represents the outside world to which they return.


The title of the seminars, IO è un altro, refers to Arthur Rimbaud’s famous statement “Je est un autre”.


With this phrase, Rimbaud indicates the disorientation of man who has lost his own identity and is “acted upon” by others. This sense of bewilderment also illustrates the existence of those who are deprived of their personal freedom as they are confined in detention centres.


The 7th National Day of the World That Doesn’t Exist celebrates the tenth anniversary of the CESP-Network of Restricted Schools this year.

with the contribution of RAI per il sociale
and the patronage of Garante nazionale dei diritti delle persone private della libertà