Leonardo Lidi

Il gabbiano

Čechov Project - first episode

Teatro Caio Melisso Spazio Carla Fendi

Thursday 07 July H 19:00

Friday 08 July H 16:00

Saturday 09 July H 16:00

Stalls and boxes of stalls €35.00
I and II order boxes €25,00


directed by

Leonardo Lidi


Giordano Agrusta, Maurizio Cardillo, Ilaria Falini, Christian La Rosa, Francesca Mazza, Orietta Notari, Tino Rossi, Massimiliano Speziani, Giuliana Vigogna

set and light design

Nicolas Bovey


Aurora Damanti


Franco Visioli

assistant director

Noemi Grasso

After the success of La signorina Giulia, Leonardo Lidi returns to the Festival dei Due Mondi with another great classic of modern theatre: Il Gabbiano, a masterpiece by Anton Čechov, a new production by the Teatro Stabile dell’Umbria in collaboration with the Festival dei Due Mondi.


Turning the point of view upside down, Lidi tells the story of a seagull which is killed by the cowardly hand of a young man on the lakeshore. “If the bird were still alive, and above all if it could speak,” says the director, “it would have every right to ask its murderer, the young Kostantin, why he was so unjustifiably evil. And Kostantin, from the height of his miserable pain, could stammer something about his unhappiness, his constant failure, and how unrequited he is with young Nina”.


Inspired in his latest work by the songs of Enzo Jannacci, particularly Ecco tutto qui, Leonardo Lidi shows us how love, “damned love”, is both alibi and destroyer in a world where wickedness “always leaves someone to dance with a broom”.


The lake, on whose shores the tragedy unfolds, contains the love of distracted characters, of no protagonists, people who are bored and who bore us a little, not very interesting individuals, dressed in “chequered trousers and worn-out shoes”.


“Anton Čechov” – concludes Lidi – “makes me understand that in the end there is nothing to win and that no situation can be managed to the end, he reassures me and embraces me by telling me that mordent is a youthful thing and that this mania for control that so reassures us must be slowly sent to hell”.

production Teatro Stabile dell’Umbria, Emilia Romagna Teatro ERT / Teatro Nazionale, Teatro Stabile di Torino – Teatro Nazionale
in collaboration with Spoleto Festival dei Due Mondi

duration 120 minutes

Theater Programme