FuoriFestival #18

Meeting Point

Saturday 09 July Ore 18:00

18.00 – END (DJ SET)



23.00 – 00.00 (LIVE)



Carlo Maria Amadio is an Italian electronic musician currently based in Milan. His musical research and production are mainly influenced by the sounds and experiences of contemporary club culture. His music has been described as: “the story of a blossoming love affair, like when decontextualised acid meets relentless tension and jumps into a hypercube”. Here, Carlo Maria uses timely diablerie to extract a noisy blend of drone melancholy and rhythmic euphoria. After releasing a blissful record with Caterina Barbieri on Σ (as Punctum), Carlo chooses the path of reduction and force. “Kenk!” takes hold of you and makes you move somewhere. Quickly, but with no clear direction. Yes, it’s made for dance floors – you just have to trust us. (Brutaż)