Fondazione Carispo Award

to Ivàn Fischer

Piazza Duomo

Friday 25 June Ore 21:30

The Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Spoleto continues to support art and culture, working as part of an ever stronger and more productive alliance of public and private organisations seeking to valorise and conserve artistic and cultural heritage.
In this context, the Foundation has always been especially interested in the work of the Festival dei Due Mondi. This year, too, it supports the initiative and offers a prize recognising one interpreter from a Festival show according to professional activity, artistic expressiveness and human values. Salvatore Finocchi, President of the Foundation, presents the award to Ivàn Fischer, principal conductor and joint-founder of the Budapest Festival Orchestra (with Zoltàn Kocsis), which opens the season of resident orchestras at the Festival dei Due Mondi.

Event hosted in the Festival program and organized in artistic and economic autonomy.