Dianne Reeves


Piazza Duomo

Sunday 03 July Ore 21:30

Gold sector €50,00
Sector I piazza €40,00
Sector II piazza €30,00
Sector I staircase €25,00
Second sector steps €18,00



Dianne Reeves


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Itaiguara Brandão


Terreon Gully

Dianne Reeves is considered the descendant of the lyrical-jazz legacy of the great Sarah Vaughan. ‘The most admired jazz diva since the heyday of Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday’, the New York Times called her. But while the names of Vaughan and Ella Fitzgerald are often invoked as proof of her class, Dianne Reeves has opened herself up to a wider world of jazz. From her earliest years she has been influenced by the sounds of Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, and her performances always reveal new depths of a passionate, fearless and technically astonishing artist.


Winner of five Grammy Awards, including one for her award-winning score to George Clooney’s film Good Night and Good Luck, Reeves blends her timeless grace, elegance and charisma into unforgettable performances. Her stylistic versatility and her vocal and expressive means allow her to confront different repertoires, to take up the tradition of jazz singing in a personal way, as well as to try her hand at rhythm’n’blues and the most sophisticated pop, making each of her performances a masterpiece.


“For me, everything is music”, says Diane Reeves, “and music is an art that has the power to cross boundaries between genres and transcend limits. I have had the great opportunity to come into contact with music from all over the world and to choose, to sing what I feel is mine”.

in collaboration with Umbria Jazz

duration 90 minutes

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