Sentieri selvaggi

American Portraits

conductor Carlo Boccadoro

Teatro Caio Melisso Spazio Carla Fendi

    From Friday 01 July

    To Sunday 03 July

Stalls and boxes € 15,00


Sentieri selvaggi


Carlo Boccadoro

Sentieri selvaggi and the great American composers know each other since the first concerts of the ensemble, which was founded in Milan in 1997 to bring contemporary music to a wider audience. The key to this dialogue was precisely American contemporary music, which at the time was little appreciated by Italian cultural institutions, but was capable of a communicative immediacy often lacking in European avant-garde experiences.


“Classical music naturally coexists with pop, rock and music from all over the world; it is not a language excluded from everyday life, on the contrary, it absorbs its influences and re-proposes them in an autonomous manner, always offering a different and engaging point of view. This faith in the future continues to be the lifeblood that drives many composers to write operas, symphonies, concertos for solo instruments, using the forms of the past as containers in which to pour new ideas” writes the ensemble’s artistic director Carlo Boccadoro.


On the occasion of the midday concerts, the Teatro Caio Melisso Spazio Carla Fendi hosts three American Portraits. As Sentieri selvaggi likes to do in its programmes, each concert is a world of sound to be discovered, a mosaic of different voices and styles, dissonant or consonant. The Ensemble proposes some historical pages by Philip Glass, Terry Riley and Steve Reich on original organs and electric keyboards of those years, to recover the raw timbre, the “electric” colours and all the subversive charge that made the first spectators cry out in scandal.


A typically American freedom of expression, which translates into extraordinary energy, unusual instrumental colours, theatricality and extroversion, unites the music of Missy Mazzoli, Christopher Cerrone, Timo Andres and Armando Bayolo, all rarely performed in Italy. Each piece tells a story of curiosity and research: from Michael Daugherty’s homage to Nancy Sinatra’s These Boots are made for walkin’ to Michael Torke’s harmonies arranged using the telephone directory as inspiration, from the timbral enchantment of Christopher Cerrone’s flower pots/percussions to David Lang’s industrial/rock sounds.

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