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A Composer’s Notes: Philip Glass and the Making of an Opera / Butoh: Body on the Edge of Crisis

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Sala Pegasus

Sunday 10 July Ore 11:00

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h. 11:00 AM


A Composer’s Notes: Philip Glass and the Making of an Opera


(89 min.)


A Composer’s Notes takes us on a personal and intimate journey with Philip Glass as he takes on the production of his third opera, Akhnaten. The composer shares his creative process while giving us a glimpse into his world of rehearsal and performance. His practice and productions in both Germany and the United States demonstrate Glass’s dedication and passion towards his work as he incorporates elements of inspiration from Egypt to India, a country whose music influenced Glass in his formative years. The film also looks back at two earlier Glass music-theatre works: Einstein on the Beach and Satyagraha offering a broad depiction of the composer’s applauded career.

h. 12:00 AM


Butoh: Body on the Edge of Crisis


(89 min.)


Butoh: Body on the Edge of Crisis explores what is often viewed as Japan’s equivalent of modern dance; however, it has little to do with the rational principles of modernism. Butoh, a unique theatre of improvisation rooted in post-war Japan, places the personal experiences of the dancer centre-stage. A Dionysian art of nudity, eroticism, and sexuality, Butoh’s scale of expression ranges from meditative tenderness to excessive grotesqueness. Whilst dealing with existential angst and the violence of the 20th century, Butoh incorporates spiritualism and aspects of traditional theatre, including the Buddhist death dances of rural Japan and taditional music and mask work. An alliance of tradition and rebellion, Butoh is one of the most fascinating underground dance movements. Butoh: Body on the Edge of Crisis is a visually striking film portrait shot on location in Japan and in Venice with the participation of the major Butoh choreographers and their companies.


Subtitles in Italian

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