10 June 2021

Jonas & Lander

Jonas and Lander have been contributing to each other’s imaginary since the beginning of their colaboration in 2011. They stand out with Cascas d’Ovo, the project that took them to several national and international venues. In 2014 and 2017 they were distinguished as “Aerowaves Priority Company”.
In 2018, they focus on Lento e Largo, a performance co-produced by Rede 5 Sentidos, Teatro do Bairro Alto and Teatro Freiburg (AL), nominated by SPA for the Best Choreography category of 2019.
Besides Lento e Largo, in 2019, they premiered Coin Operated, an invitation performance from BoCA – Biennial of Contemporary Arts. In 2021, Jonas&Lander premiere Bate Fado, a hybrid performance, between dance and a music concert. Jonas&Lander purpose to reinterpret and to recover the act of hitting (tapping) Fado, where dance emanates the quality of a percussion instrument in dialogue with the voice and the guitars. Bate Fado reveals as the first step to recover the dance that Fado lost.